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Glenwood Springs Bridge Closure Therapeutic Special

Glenwood Springs Therapeutic Special

Returning Balance Therapies Bridge Closure Therapeutic Special
The Bridge Closure Therapeutic Special is ON! There is no escaping the Glenwood Springs bridge closure. And there is no denying that it has impacted all of us in some way. Yes, traffic is backed up, it takes longer to get from one end of town to the other and simple in town tasks can be burdensome. On a positive note, it is forcing us to do things a little different. Just like the construction dust in the air, it also stirs us up to find creative solutions.
I Massage4Photowould like to ask some questions. Are you putting your life on hold because of the bridge closure? Is the construction holding you back from taking care of yourself? And most importantly, What other excuses have you created to not support your wellness? Bridge, time, work, family, money, whatever it may be; all excuses to not take care of yourself.
Returning Balance Therapies offers many services to support your wellness. Therapeutic and Medical Massage, Colon Hydrotherapy, Cleansing and the BARS are just a few examples of what we offer here. These are just a handful of ways to care for your well being.
The bottom line is to do the things that support your wellness, whatever it may be. No Colon Hydrotherapymore excuses. OK!
To support your wellness, Returning Balance Therapies would like to offer an incentive during the entire Glenwood Springs bridge closure.
Mention this post to receive our therapeutic special on our services.
Therapeutic massage $90. Colon Hydrotherapy $85. BARS $85.
Call us at 970-618-2492 to schedule some time for your well being.
Todd Wagner

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