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Therapeutic Massage Glenwood Springs

Our Returning Balance Therapies Therapeutic Massage staff in Glenwood Springs are trained, licensed and certified in Massage Therapy. The basic goal of Therapeutic Massage is to help the body heal itself, and to increase health and well being. Massage therapy is used for a wide variety of benefits.

Therapeutic Massage therapy helps to improve: blood circulation, digestion, mental clarity, and the immune and nervous systems. It can also help to rehabilitate the body after surgery or injury. Massage helps to reduce: acute or chronic pain, muscle spasms, blood pressure, tension, headaches, anxiety, and stiffness.

Our licensed massage therapists will customize your individual massage program for well being, personalized relaxation and family therapies. They are experts in massage techniques such as Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release, Trigger Point, Swedish, Reiki, Pregnancy Massage and SMRT Massage- Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique. We also specialize in massage for post surgery, workers compensation, auto accidents and medical massage therapy.

The Therapeutic Massage treatment is performed within a secure, nurturing and relaxing environment, where privacy is of utmost concern and is respected at all times. Each massage session is not a standard, written, or rehearsed routine. The session is tailored to each individual’s needs, addressing specific concerns.
The focus is to educate you and allow self healing and prevention of injury.

The power of touch moves beyond just the surface of the skin- it reminds us just how amazing our bodies are.

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Massage therapy pricing:
$100 per hour.
$125 for 1.25 hours.
$150 for 1.5 hours.

Therapeutic massage 3 punch pass:
$285 for three 1 hour sessions.
$356 for three 1.25 hour sessions.
$427 for three 1.5 hour sessions.

Therapeutic massage 5 punch pass:
$450 for five 1 hour sessions.
$562 for five 1.25 hour sessions.
$675 for five 1.5 hour sessions.

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Enjoy a relaxing Therapeutic Massage at Returning Balance Therapies
in Glenwood Springs Colorado.