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Medical Insurance Massage for
Workers comp, Auto injury, Post Surgery

When most think of massage therapy, they think to use it as a special treat to pamper themselves. We certainly are not Medical Massageentertaining the idea of needing a Medical Insurance Massage from an auto injury or needing to use your workers compensation due to an accident on the job.

One usually thinks more along the lines of a “feel good” spa type massage. Or some might use massage therapy after a slight injury such as sprained muscle or tight back. It is true that after a therapeutic massage a person walks away with a heightened sense of emotional and physical well being. Often times overlooked, therapeutic massage can be used after a serious injury like a workers comp accident, injury from an auto accident or post surgery rehabilitation. When prescribed by a doctor, medical massage can be covered by the workers comp claim or insurance company.

After an Auto injury or Workers Compensation Accident the injuries will be evaluated by a doctor and an insurance claim will be started. The doctor will then prescribe and recommend treatment suitable for the injury. Part of InjuryInsuranceMassagethe treatment plan can include medical insurance massage therapy. Therapeutic massage can be used to alleviate pain, increase mobility, increase necessary blood flow to injured areas, decrease inflammation, loosen scar tissue and aid to speed up the healing process.

If surgery is needed, one can utilize Post Surgery massage as part of their rehabilitation. Medical insurance massage can be helpful after joint replacements such as shoulder rotator cuff, knee and hip replacement, ACL surgery and back and neck surgery. These are just a few examples where massage therapy can be helpful.

Ask your doctor for a prescription for medical insurance massage therapy as it may help after post surgery, workers compensation injury or auto accident injury. After the doctor prescribes massage, we will take care of all the necessary insurance claims often times with no out of pocket expense to you. Our licensed and skilled therapists at Returning Balance Therapies in Glenwood Springs Colorado look forward to working with you and your doctor towards a speedy and healthy recovery.

Medical Insurance Massage Therapy is available at Returning Balance Therapies
Glenwood Springs Colorado.